Lead Generation Philippines: the new marketing corridor

Inside the Philippines Call-center Industry

lead generation philippines
At the heart of the lead generation Philippines process are call centers. Philippine call centers started as basic providers of email response and customer service but are now at the center for outbound telemarketing services for companies all around ther world.

What started as a small seed a few decades ago has burgoned into a forrest of opportunity for small and large scale businesses in need of affordable and effective direct marketing campaigns. The telemarketing industry in the Philippines can provide top notch service at supprisingly affordable rates. Lead generation Philippines is so affordable because of the countries relitively low operational and labor costs.

The People Behind Lead Generation Philippines

Real estate is cheap in the Philippines, so more money can be allocated to state of the art technology and well quallified call-center personell. In fact, many call centers requier their telemarketers to have college degrees. Further, most call centers follow recruitment procedures that may include the following:

Phone Screening – this stage focuses on the voice quality, verbal ability and ability to respond appropriately.
Interview – in person interviews may be conducted by the companies internal HR department or by a staffing company designed to asess the applicants speaking skills, attitude and how confidently they respond to questions
Asessment – exams my include aptitude tests, call simulations and emotional and other personal asessments.
Quality call centers will generally provide training and coaching to their telemarketers on an on going basis. This keeps the telemarketers on task and up to date with prescribed goals.

Inbound Vs. Outbound Lead Generation Philippines

lead generation philippines
The calls managed by a call centers can be separated into two major categories; Outbound and Inbound. Outbound calls involve cold calls and responses to inqueries. Inbound Calls, on the other hand, involve handeling live calls from people who are responding to your companies advertising or referrals.

It is most common for businesses to solicit a call center to aid in outbound marketing calls. Once the telemarketers are thourally trained they will begin making outbound marketing calls on behalf of your company. The call-center provides its dialers with highly refined lists that contain names, numbers, and data related to people who are qualified and may be interested in your product or service.

The Lead Generation Philippines Process

Once the telemarketer contacts a prospect who is interested in your companies product they are prequalified through a series of questions. If the lead meets your specified criteria they can be transferred directly to your office, an appointment can be set for you to contact them, or they can simply be given information about how to obtain your product or service. In general, the most expensive leads are live transfers. In this case you get what you pay for. A live transfer is qualified, interested in your product, and ready to talk to you about purchasing it. Because of their cost, live transfers should be reserved for your top sellers with the best closing records. Other lead products are less expensive and may be better suited for your less seasoned sales people. As with all good products, lead generation Philippines come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit every business need.