How does ROI in the very first month sound?

B2B & B2C Lead Generation

25 years experience offering professional lead generation services from Telemarketers to Data lists. We cater to your company’s objectives and goals ensuring each campaign delivers you optimal results. Expect nothing less but return on your marketing dollars spent while working with us. We create a constant flow of opportunities for your sales team, resulting in a higher close ratio.

We’re based in Toronto, Canada and have a North American perspective on the way business is done. We understand your organizations risk’s involved in partnering with the right telemarketing firm that will protect your reputation and produce desired results keeping you above the competition.

Would 100 qualified leads per month help grow your business? Does your sales team have the ability to close 30% of these leads?

Instead of spending 25% of the day making cold calls, if you allowed your sales team to do what they do best, which are the closing stages of the sales cycle, do you think they would be more motivated?

Our Agents

All our agents are educated and have 3 years telemarketing/telesales experience from a fortune 1000 company. They are fluent conversing in English without a noticeable accent and understand Canadian and American culture. Majority of our agents work with Salesforce or Sugar CRM.

Throughout the years, we’ve completed 100’s of campaigns and seen all types of agent skill levels. That’s why we only retain seasoned agents, those who produce leads on a consistent basis. Our agents are highly compensated for their skill level and receive daily incentives for reaching their quotas. These are just some of the reasons why they love what they do.

When it comes to finding the right agents for your campaign, we pride ourselves as one of the best companies in to partner with.

Data Lists

Too often companies use old, outdated lists that slows down productivity. Having to encounter wrong numbers and names of people who no longer work there will lower the moral of the people who’s having to make these calls. If you wonder why your sales team or the a new person who’s full of skills can’t seem to produce any leads, its because of the list their using. For lead generation, using an accurate data list is a must and well worth the small investment.

Telestar communications is a preferred vendor for data lists across Canada & USA. Our B2B and B2C lists are full of valuable information and highly detailed, offering you the best rates with an 80% accuracy guarantee.

Who purchases our lists?

Major Financial institutions
Top Canadian and American Banks
Marketing companies

Are you ready to provide your team with proper tools?

Telemarketing Scripts

Are you looking for a script writer? Did you know that using an effect script can increase your opportunities by 50%!

We write captivating, interesting scripts that egage responses from your prospects. Having a well written script will establish rapport, evoke participation and create the necessary dialog to collect the information required.

We’ve been writing and editing telemarketing scripts since 1996 across all industries.

All telemarketing scripts have a 2 week turn around with free revisions.