Prior to launching any product or service, marketing firms & manufacturers retain our services to conduct their research. They outsource the task of outbound calling to us in order gather the information they require to proceed. As part of the due diligence process, we generate the information used in their reports.

We’ve work with all types of companies and organizations on various outbound campaigns. In addition to outbound calling, we preform internet research among other administrative duties on their behalf.

The most common campaigns our clients require for market research are:


Public opinion is very important. This is a common campaign we conduct on a regular basis for all companies and organizations across the board.

Survey’s require the particpant’s time and commitment. Our friendly agents have the skills required to spark interest and properly encourage participation.

Event planning

We partner with event planing companies and marketing companies.

Events require investments to be made during the planing stages to hiring a key note speaker, booking a venue, arranging food catering, and setting up decorations.

Whether your hosting an exclusive sales event for 200 VIP customers or a corporate networking event and would like to invite 200 CFO”s to attend, sending emails will not be sufficient. Our clients understand attendance is what will make their event successful. They contract us to make the necessary calls confirming their attendance in advance.

Qualify and Transfer calls

Industries such as pharmaceutical, automotive industries outsource this service to us. Its mainly for high volume sales, or a part of market research. We would call the customer to verify certain information then transfer the call to their in-house agents for sales attempt, further evaluation or more in-depth consultation.


We work with non profit and charitable organizations for seasonal or emergency relief efforts using a donor list.

Information updating / Scrubbing

We work with debt recovery agencies on updating their customer records. Some records are old and the contact information is outdated. We research the internet and call to verify the information is accurate prior to submitting the file.