How important is voter support for your candidate?

Political election campaigns are fast paced, very demanding and results driven.

We understand our role as a call center and level of experience required to help carry your candidate to victory. We’ve completed numerous high profile campaigns on behalf of major political parties in USA and CANADA at all levels from local to federal. Leaving a positive impression with voters and collecting their valuable information for future reference is what we do.

When calling voters there are 3 scenarios, yes, no or undecided. Here are the action steps taken from the polling process we conduct:

If no – We kindly ask why? and disposition that voters response on our dialer as the reasons why they’re not in favor for our candidate. This data is then recorded and included in the daily report. We use codes that represent certain topics such as Health care, Employment, Housing ect. Depending on the demeanor and conversation of the voter, we reference an information fact sheet of our candidate in which our agents will try to better inform the voter and leave off with a good impression. Quickly move on to the next voter.

If yes – Thank them for their support and acknowledge our candidate would appreciate it. Ask how many others live in the household will be voting for our candidate and if they would like a lawn sign. We conclude that call advising them of the election date and leave off with our candidate’s slogan.

If undecided – Acknowledge with understanding and empathy as lots of voters are still undecided. Open up a quick conversation as to what issues are important to them? Attempt to inform and update the voter on our candidates causes and policies referencing the information fact sheet. Leave off with a good impression.

What can you expect from us?

Non disclosure agreement.

Up to 500 agents and 15 floor managers.

Daily reports every 4 hours.

150 completed calls per agent based on an 8 hour shift x 500 agents = 750,000 completed calls per day x 30 days = 22.5 Million voters contacted per month.

We can accommodate any polling campaign structure you have in mind. Either decreasing the amount of agents or strategically set geographic calling patterns. Whatever your mandate maybe, we will achieve it.

Why work with us?

Our experience in political polling

Whether your campaign is mid-west or down south or even the most sensitive cities and townships, our friendly agents do not have a noticeable accent and trained to converse well, always leaving a good impression.

Significant cost savings of 50%

Have piece of mind your campaign will be executed properly.

You get the same results compared with any other experienced in-house call center in USA or CANADA.

We're able to launch your political polling campaign in less than a week.