Many companies ranging from Fortune 500 to start ups who have chosen the Philippines as their destination for BPO services.

Noticeable strengths include: competitive labor rates, high literacy, cultural affinity to Americans and a stable telecommunications infrastructure.

Visit our news & press release section for supporting articles on Canadian & American organizations who currently operate call centers in the Philippines servicing their North American customers.

News & Press Releases

These companies understand the full benefits of outsourcing and the operational value it offers.

Outsourcing Case Study #1

Industry: Manufacturing – Software

Situation: A CRM software company based in Richmond hill, Ontario was looking for an experienced affordable business developer to generate leads and book appointments on behalf of his sales team.

Campaign: Lead Generation, Appointment setting, B2B Telemarketing

Duration: 6 months campaign

Objective: Generate new leads, set up appointments, secure qualified appointments. Input new leads and schedule appointments in Salesforce.

Our Sales Target / Quota: 80-100 documented calls per day, 6-8 appointments per representative bi- weekly with a structured incentive program.

Lead Generation: 10% Client supplied – 90% Leads we supplied.

Results: Streamlined the company’s sales support team by reducing the 30% daily task of making cold calls. Increased sales reps closing ratio and generated new business contributing to increase in the client database and profits. As a result of our services, the company has hired 2 more appointment setters within 3 months of start up.

Outsourcing Case Study #2

Industry: Consumer Goods – Electronics

Situation: Client is a north eastern distributor of new OEM electronic consumer good products based in New Jersey. A team of back end office representatives required to manage email replies, operate a 24hr live chat support and up sell while offering better service than the current competition.

Campaign: Customer service, loyalty retention B2C

Duration: 3 months – 2 year contract

Objective: To answer customer email inquiries within 12hrs and live chat within a 3 min window. Reduce the amount of customer returns by offering a 24hr customer support.

Results: Reduced customer returns, increased customer loyalty.

Outsourcing Case Study #3

Industry: Public Relations

Situation: A busy public relations firm based in Henderson, Nevada was searching for an assistant who can perform administrative duties and manage various personal household agenda.

Campaign: Virtual Assistant (VA)

Duration: Month to Month

Objective: To hire administrative help and free up time spent on performing daily tasks.

Daily Duties: Answer all incoming calls, schedual meetings, Book appointments, Make travel reservations, Update social networking, correspond with household duties.

Results: As a result of our Virtual Personal Assistant services, our client was able to manage their time and focus on growing their Public Relations firm.