How important is repeat business to your company?

How important is repeat business to your company?

Customer Service – Our call center operates 24 hours / 7 days a week servicing all industries. From dispatching to order taking, we have experience in all verticals and ready to launch any customer service campaign you require providing full metrics. We know what your expectations are and the quality service your customers demand.

Our Agents – All our agents are educated and have 3 years customer service experience from a fortune 1000 company. They are fluent conversing in English, without a noticeable accent and understand both American and Canadian culture. Our agents are highly compensated for their skill level and receive daily incentives for reaching their quotas. These are just some of the reasons why they love what they do. When it comes to finding the right agents for your campaign, rest assured, we pride ourselves as one of the best companies in to partner with.

First level technical support – Majority of the calls are “common issues” which could be resolved at the first level. The need to escalate and transfer to 2nd level support person can seamlessly be integrated. Average client staffing ratio is 75% first level agents and 25% 2nd level agents. We offer start-up companies a minimum of 1 technical support agent to begin with and scale from there.

Email support – Some customers would rather email their questions and technical support issues, then wait on the phone for assistance. Our client’s assign us a company email address and we reply back using templates for most common inquiries.

Live chat – Having a live agent respond promptly to web chats is an important step leading towards customer acquisition. Client’s integrate this duty along with our email support.

Companies trust us with their customers. All our agents are efficient, friendly and always leave a memorable experience.

Warranty Support

We work with manufacturers to support their warranty initiatives. Client’s assigned us a user ID and login to verify the customers warranty. Depending on the product or service, we can conduct first level basic trouble shooting in attempting to resolve the issue and if required, issue them RMA forms and prepaid shipping labels. Enter notes on to the customer’s file and update their record.

Rebate Support Programs

This is usually seasonal or promotional based support tied in with our email and live chat support duties. Our client’s offer special email-in rebate programs and our duties are to verify these rebates sending over to the finance department for processing.